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NSI Solution offers services specializing in the information technology sector.

NSI stands for « Never Stop Improving »

If you know us, there are no prizes for guessing how we came up with the name. It's inspired by The North Face's "Never Stop Exploring" motto, since most members of our team and business network are enthusiastic about challenges, sports and outdoor activities.

More specifically, our values are rooted in the need to innovate, improve, optimize and integrate to be better, and efficient at creating value for customers.

The team at NSI Solution is made up of industrial engineers and IT professionals. Today, there are more than 15 employees at our offices in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.

Since its founding in 2005, NSI Solution has served hundreds of customers in dozens of countries. In 2008, NSI Solution chose to exclusively offer Zoho's cloud based solutions. We initially specialized in Zoho Creator, then Zoho CRM, before finally adding all the apps offered in Zoho One to our service offerings.

The reason why we chose to partner with Zoho is because their applications meet most requirements that a small or medium sized business might have to ensure they grow and operate efficiently.

In 2013, NSI Solution received an honorable mention of 'Best Partner' from the Zoho Creator team. In that same year, NSI Solution became the first Premium Partner of Zoho in Canada. We have ensured that we've maintained it ever since.

In 2014, NSI Solution took a turn in developing unique tools in ZOHO Creator. From this initiative was born:

-The ThinkTest Solution which is an extension of ZOHO Recruit and which allows you to perform personality tests.

-The Bottom Up Solution (BUS) of Bambou Space to cultivate autonomy and resourcefulness of employees.

Since the advent of Zoho One, which offers more than 40 applications as a bundle, NSI Solution has specialized in the offering, which in short is a complete, ergonomic, integrated and accessible ERP solution.

In order to continue to innovate, and allow greater focus for NSI Solution to be a leader in offering Zoho's cloud computing solutions, NSI Propulsion was born in 2019. It focusses on the business and digital transformation of your firm, a need that has to be often met in order to succeed in your transformation.

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